Ecobee RSM-01 Remote Sensor Module

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Ecobee RSM-01 Remote Sensor Module ECO-RSM-01
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The Ecobee Remote Sensor Module (RSM) has been designed with your whole home comfort in mind. It allows you to have even more control over your home comfort and can be monitored remotely through an online personalized web portal. The ecobee RSM allows for up to 4 additional hard-wired sensors and is compatible with the majority of off-the-shelf 10K NTC temperature sensors, or humidity sensors.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Technical Specs N/A
Manufactures Ecobee

Control Sensors

With the help of the ecobee Remote Senosr Module you can take control of your comfort with the ability to:

  • Use a sensor to control your comfort instead of the thermostat.
  • Average temperature and humidty sensors in your home to get optimal comfort throughout your home.
  • Use your already programmed high and low temperature alerts with a control sensor to let you know if there are problems with your system.


Monitor temperatures and humidity of various locations with the ecobee RSM. Set thresholds to alert you if something isn’t right.

Outdoor Sensor

Get accurate weather data for your home with an outdoor sensor. The information gathered will be used to configure HVAC algorithms to help your system maintain the most comfortable conditions for the most amount of savings. 

Sensor compatability

Honeywell C7189U indoor sensor

C7089U outdoor sensor

Tekmar D076 indoor sensor

D079 slab sensor

D084 flush mount sensor
Johnson Controls
HT-6703 humidity sensor

CD-W00 CO2 sensor

Other temperature sensors can be supported by just entering the B value or the resistance
reported by the sensor at 70°F (21°C) during the configuration process.